Research for building the next generation of smart eLearning systems and services


Call for Papers IoT Journal

New Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence of Things. Paper submission deadline: July 30, 2023


ALICE: Special Conference Track on Adaptive Learning via Interactive, Collaborative and Emotional Approaches. The Learning Ideas Conference. Paper submission deadline: March 1, 2023

Publication award

Book of the week Award: Intelligent Systems and Learning Data Analytics in Online Education


Tackling the full picture of the Learning Engineering domain

The SMARTLEARN research group is devoted to enhance the Learning Engineering (eLearning) field from an interdisciplinary perspective by combining:
  • pedagogical conceptualization of online education systems
  • technological and engineering models and methodologies
  • prototyping and integration in real LMS
  • dissemination and exploitation in academia and industry
The ultimate goal is to meet the demanding and changing requirements of the next generation of online education systems and services.

  • TOPIC #1

    Integration of Conversational Agents and Learning Analytics in Online Courses

  • TOPIC #2

    ICT Education through eAssessment, Learning Analytics and Gamification

  • TOPIC #3

    Ethics and Artificial Intelligence in Online Learning

  • TOPIC #4

    Emotion-awareness Online Education Models and Tools


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Prof. Santi Caballé

Team leader – Full professor – IT Researcher
Prof. SANTI CABALLE is a Full Professor at the Dept. of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunication of UOC, where he teaches on-line courses and conducts research on Learning Engineering, eLearning, Software Engineering and Distributed Computing.
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Dr. Jordi Conesa

Associate professor – IT Researcher
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Dr. Joan Casas

Postdoctoral fellow – IT Researcher
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Dr. David Gañán

Technical staff – CEO DeltaDev
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Dr. Antonio Sarasa

Associate professor – IT Researcher
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Dr. Nicola Capuano

International collaborator – IT Researcher
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Dr. Modesta Pousada

Associate professor – Social Sciences Researcher
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Francesc Santanach

Technical staff – IT Specialist & Manager
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Dr. Jorge Miguel

Postdoctoral fellow – CIO IT Systems
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Dr. Michalis Feidakis

International collaborator – IT Researcher

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